Pensacola Man Convicted in Teen's Drug-Theft Murder
Associated Press
August 4, 2004

PENSACOLA, Fla. - A 21-year-old man was sentenced to life in prison for lending his car to friends who killed an 18-year-old to steal her mother's marijuana.

Ryan Holle, of Pensacola, was convicted Tuesday of first-degree felony murder in the March 2003 death of Jessica Snyder, 18, who was beaten to death with the butt of a shotgun. He was also convicted of burglary and robbery charges.

Holle allowed his four co-defendants to borrow his car after they talked about stealing a safe from Snyder's home and beating her. He did not accompany his friends during the crime.

"This crime could not and would not have been committed without Mr. Holle's car," said Assistant State Attorney David Rimmer. "No car equals no crime, no consequences and no murder. He knew what they were going to do, and he let them use his car to do it."

Defense attorney Sharon Potter said Holle didn't know they were going to commit a crime with his car.

In June, Donnie Lee Williams, 20, and William Allen Jr., 23, were convicted of first-degree murder, robbery and burglary. They were also given mandatory life sentences.

The trial for Jermond Thomas, 22, is set for this week. The fifth defendant, Charles Miller Jr., 23, is accused of beating Snyder to death. Prosecutors said they will seek the death penalty at his September trial.

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